Octopus Shaped Silicone Face Cleanser

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Style Baby Pink
SKU Octopus-Shaped-Silicone-Face-Cleanser-001


Short description:

Material: Silicone

3-in-1 functionality

Massagers, makeup remover & exfoliates the skin

Protect from skin problems

Cute and portable to carry

Easy to use and wash

Your laziness made you sleep overnight with your makeup on, and that’s not the first time you made this stupid mistake. Are you crazy?Premature aging, collagen degradation, severe acne, skin infection and allergies. Want us to go on with all the repercussions this action of yours can have on your skin? Because the list is pretty long, and you don’t want to hear the end of it.Don’t worry. There is still time to atone for your mistakes.How?By making a habit of cleaning your skin before sleeping by using this octopus cleaning brush.This practice will exhibit positive effects on your skin by making it radiant and glowing. Your smooth and clear skin will land you in front of a bunch of praises, and your friends will plead to know your secret.

What you will get:

3-in-1 skin cleanser: It removes makeup efficiently, clears blocked skin pores by exfoliating them and massages your skin to increase blood circulation by removing the dead skin and other impurities.Make you look young long enough: With no premature aging and skin infections, you will have more youthful and rejuvenating skin for a long time. In addition, no wrinkles mean a stress-free life.Cute and portable: No need to carry bulky makeup cleaners with you all the time. This octopus-shaped scrubber is compact and easy to carry around in your handbag. So your skincare routine goes with you wherever you are heading.Easy to use: The built-in foaming cotton makes good foam of the face scrubbing gel, lessening your hassle. No need to rub your face aggressively with your hands when you have this soft face clea