360 Spin Hurricane Electric Spin Duster

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SKU 360-Spin-Hurricane-Electric-Spin-Duster-001


Reduces cleaning time with 360° spin

Reaches everywhere in any shape

Two extension arms

Super-soft bristles

Hand wash

Suitable for: Laptops, drawers, shelves, cabinets, furniture, etc

Works with 4AA batteries (not included)

Now you can reduce your cleaning time and effort by half with this 360-Degree Hurricane Spin Duster. Owing to its super soft dust heads enriched with electrostatic charge, the dust gets trapped in them. The extension arms allow you to reach high spots as well so you can clean dust off fans, chandeliers and high shelves. The duster can shape according to the crevice and edge you are cleaning and alongside this, it is as easy to wash. It works with AA batteries and is extremely lightweight.Features:Electromagnetic fibers of the dust pads: Thanks to these bristles, the dust particles get attracted and trapped in the duster. This reduces the dust being flown in air. Make sure to let the bristles spin freely on the surface rather than pressing it on hardly.Reduces cleaning time: The 360 spin fast operation means you can clean surfaces quickly now.Reaches anywhere: The flexible bristles of the spin duster can confirm any shape and reach all the tight spaces and crevices that were inaccessible before.Includes extension arms: Reach higher spots as well with the two extensions that come alongside the package. They can be connected with the handle.Simple operation: Turn the device on and off with the single button easily and let the motorized dust wand do all the hard work for you. It works on 4 AA batteries (not included)Super-soft bristles: The bristles won’t scratch the surface and is suitable for all types of furniture and materials like wood, metal, ceramic and glass.Easy-to-wash: Simply rinse the dust head and allow it to air dry. Don’t spin the duster while cleaning as it will mix the water and dust together.Makes cleaning fun: Dusting is a tedious task and this duster adds a fun element to it. Seeing the dust pad rotate fluffily across the cleaning surface is enjoyable.Suitable for: Laptops, drawers, shelves, cabinets, furniture, book racks, lighting fixtures like chandeliers and lamps.Handle size: 24cmShort feather dust pad: 22cmLong feather dust pad: 28cm