5 Point Star Cookie Cutter Set

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SKU 5-Point-Star-Cookie-Cutter-Set-001


Material: Food grade Stainless Steel

6 cookie cutters included

Versatile cutting range

Dishwasher safe

Cookies and sweets are comfort food for almost every young child, teenager, and even adult.Whether you are preparing them for your kids or trying to decorate your festive table with all the deliciousness, there's always a reason to bake something sweet.However, making the same style every day can become boring. Not to mention your kids rolling their eyes and complaining, \"Mom! I can live without eating the same cookie every day.\"Woohoo, news flash, kids are kids, and we all know they will still ask you for something sweet in the evening.So, what are you going to do about it?Simple, make variations! Don't get it? Let us do the honors to enlighten you on how our star cookie cutter set can help you out.These 6 molds will allow you to make 6 different-sized cookies perfect for every kid. The versatile 5 point star cookie cutter is ideal for cutting tiny cakes, biscuits, sandwiches, fondants, mini pancakes, etc.What you'll get:Suitable size for every feast: The different sizes can help you make and bake mini, small, and large star-shaped cookies. So, choose the right size to prepare your festive meal.Versatile function: The star cutter can come in handy in shaping cookies, fondants, sandwiches, cakes, Christmas ornaments or trees, etc. You can use it to cut anything.Happy kids: Prepare their breakfast plate by putting a pancake of every size or ask them to set cookies for a sweet Christmas tree. Your kids will happily eat anything and everything as long as it is in a cute shape.Convenient in use: It can be placed safely in the oven or refrigerator. You can wash it with your hands or put it in the dishwasher to clean. Moreover, it won't stick to the mold, thus making perfectly shaped stars every time.