Achilles Tendon & Calf Stretcher Foot Rocker Device

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SKU Achilles-Tendon-&-Calf-Stretcher-Foot-Rocker-Device-001


Material: ABS

Stretches calf muscles effectively

Reduces heel pain, ankle strain, etc

Anti-slip base prevents sliding

Heel locking design keeps the foot aligned

Improves flexibility

There are almost 1 million recorded visits to medical professionals to treat Plantar Fasciitis and heel pain yearly in America. Don’t be a part of this 1 million and bring home this relaxing Achilles Tendon & Calf Stretcher that will treat your problem muscles effectively. It is easy to use, can be stored anywhere, and give quick results. And imagine all the money you will save on medical visits.

What you will get:

Pain-relieving calf stretch at home: Place your foot on the device and rock it. You will observe the whole of your calf stretching, including the Achilles tendons and Gastrocnemius muscles.Treatment of various problems: This Achilles tendon stretcher is proven to treat plantar fasciitis, calf pain, heel pain, ankle strain and hamstring. The secret lies in the rocking movement of the device that increases blood flow to your calf muscles, alleviating the soreness in them and rejuvenating them.Slip-resistant design keeps you safe: The rubber stripes at the bottom prevent slipping or sliding.Holds foot in a stable position: The heel locking and anti-slip design treads on the footplate of the calf stretcher rocker keep the foot in a stable position during the whole movement. This prevents any likely misalignment that generally occurs when you are doing other calf exercises like downward dog and standing bent-over calf stretch.Improved flexibility: Spending 10-15 minutes 3 times a week on this device will enhance your range of motion, flexibility and you will feel more fresh and energetic.