Anti-Slide Furniture Pads For Hardwood Floor

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SKU Anti-Slide-Furniture-Pads-For-Hardwood-Floor-001


Material: EVA (rubber-like)

Self-adhesive anti-slip grippers

Protect floor from scratches

Easy installation

Your dog is a force of nature who cannot stay still for long periods of time. His energetic temperament has him rushing things from one location to the next. Nothing is safe from his leaning and pushing over, whether it's a chair, sofa, laundry basket, or even a side table.As much as you adore your dog, his antics have resulted in a slew of mishaps, the most notable of which are broken glass tables and terribly scratched wooden floors.Previously, it was uncommon that these problems could be resolved conveniently. But that is no longer the case.These anti-slide furniture pads are for everyone who loves both their home and their pets.Put these strong adhesive grippers under the feet of your furniture and prevent them from being dragged over the wooden floor, causing dreadful scratches.What you'll get:Protect wooden floor: If you have to replace hardwood floors every 2 to 3 months because you were careless enough not to utilize these rubber furniture grippers, your hard-earned money will be flushed. Use these anti-skid grip pads to keep your furniture from being dragged across the floor and cause damage.Easy to apply: There's no need for rocket science. Clean the surface of the furniture, remove the gripper cover, and glue the sticky side of the grippers to the furniture feet. That is all there is to it. Put an end to unnecessary pushing or pulling of items.Wide scope of operation: These anti-slip grippers can be used for almost all types of furniture. Stick it on chairs, tables, sofa, and beds.Ensures child safety: Children are often prone to shoving things around the house. This puts them in danger of falling or having anything heavy fall on them. Use these anti-slide furniture pads to avoid these adverse situations.*15 PCs circle size: 28m x 28mm approx.* 15 PCs square size: 31mm x 28mm approx.