Biodegradable Grass Mat (Grows In 4 Weeks)

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SKU Biodegradable-Grass-Mat-(Grows-In-4-Weeks)-001


100 % natural Biodegradable Grass

Easy-to-spread rolling mats on all types of soils

Grows grass even on barren lands in some days

Made of non-woven heat mat material

Get fresh green grass in no time

Ever wondered how to grow grass in the barren garden or how elite golf courses are so well-maintained? The solution is this Biodegradable Grass Seed Mat Roll. These roll-out grass seed mats grow greens on barren lands. Sometimes, due to lack or excess of water, poor irrigation, and heat exposure, land becomes lifeless. These barren patches in lawn ruin the beauty of your whole garden. Synthetic turf is full of chemicals yet not durable at all. So, use these rolls and get natural grass within the fewest time, in a completely natural way. These mats are useable on all types of soils. 

What you will get:

Easy operation: It is a one-stop planting solution for perfect sowing.Easy to spread & grow grass solution: You just need to spread Biodegradable grass seed Rolls Mat, water it, and get grown grass in no time. No more washed away or Bird-eaten seeds: All the seeds are well absorbed in the mat so that no birds can eat them neither they get washed away during rains. Evenly-spaced seeds that give a consistent growth: The seeds are spaced equally throughout the roll-out mat which makes sure that you get an even grass growth in the entire lawn.Quick growing The grass will grow fully in about 4-6 weeks. This is way faster than any grass seed.Size: 20x300cmInstallation:Get rid of all the previous plantations on the land. The grass seed mat needs to have direct contact with the soil. Clean and rake the land properly so it is weed, plant and grass-free.Give proper soaking to the land one day prior to the installation of the mats.Spread the mats on the land and spray it with water once done. It requires 2-3 times of water spraying daily for the first 2-3 weeks. Don’t overwater it, though.If the land contains uneven areas or curves, use the mat to cover it up and spray it with water. You will notice the mat taking the shape of the curve. Trim the edges with the scissors, then.