Claws Garden Gloves

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Puncture-proof rubber-latex gloves protect your hands

Plastic claws let you dig and turn soil effectively

Prevents damage from thorns & sharp edges

Easy to wash, these waterproof gloves don’t hold dirt

Prevents mud from sticking under your nails

Pull out weeds or thorny stems easily

Collect garden waste without making your hands dirty

One size fits all

Who says gardening is messy and painful!This specialized pair of claw garden gloves make the digging and turning of soil fast and easy. It weighs under 100g and will protect your hands while you immerse in gardening chores. It can be used effectively for transferring plants quickly, digging the earth, plant seedlings, picking fruits and holding thorny stems.Features:Durable & breathable: They are made of high-quality rubber-latex material to protect your hands from pricks and injuries caused by thorns, edges, or even excess moisture. The rubber material is puncture-resistant to prevent your hands from cuts and blisters.Speedy operation: These gardening gloves with claws will replace traditional tools like hand trowels and rakes. You can pick and harvest fruits and seedlings easily and speedily without fear. The high-density plastic claws will not fall apart and are very sturdy for moderate to soft soil.Water-proof: Easy to wash and clean after use. Simply rinse clean, they do not hold dirt.Clean hands: The use of these gloves during gardening tasks will ensure that you do not mess up your hands with mud, algae, and plant roots. No need to spend minutes washing your hands after gardening now.Adjustable hand fitting feature: These garden gloves with claws will fit all hand sizes perfectly. They are comfortable to wear and flexible enough for your hands to move freely in. Handle small objects like seeds and remove weeds without any problem.