Extendable Stainless Steel Marshmallow Roasting Sticks With

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SKU Extendable-Stainless-Steel-Marshmallow-Roasting-Sticks-With-001


Material: Stainless steel & Wood

Extendable length of 32 inches approx.


Colored plastic collar

Durable build to hold the meat

Are you planning a family weekend getaway to spend some time in the open and be closer to nature?If you answered yes, these marshmallow roasting sticks would be your best friend on your next outdoor picnic, camping, or hiking excursion.These roasting skewer sticks are ideal for roasting marshmallow beauties over an open fire and imparting a delectable flavor. The skewer's extending ability keeps you away from the flames while generating fluffy marshmallows, and the wooden handle makes it easy to hold the sticks over the burning fire.You don't have to worry about children misusing these sticks because their edges aren't sharp and won't harm them. Allow children to have a lifetime experience of making marshmallows or hot dogs on the grill with their own hands.

What you'll get:

Tie-bag to keep sticks in one place: These marshmallow roasting skewer sticks are kept safe and united in a tie-bag with a drawstring. The thin sticks become more portable and simpler to handle as a result.Unique color to distinguish your stick from the rest: Are you a cleanliness freak who doesn't want unclean hands touching his skewer? The color-coded collars make it easy to differentiate your stick from the others and keep it clean and separate.Safe to hold: The hardwood handle provides a secure hold that does not become too hot, allowing you to thoroughly roast your meat or marshmallows and enjoy your delicious cooked meal.Maintains a safe distance from fire: The marshmallow stick's extending functionality guarantees that you stay a safe distance away from the fire while enjoying the luscious roast. Unextended length: 11.8 in, extended length: 32 in.Children-friendly: Instead of having sharp edges to penetrate the food, these sticks have flat edges. It ensures that putting food on these skewers is safe.Ease of barbequing anything: These skewers are sturdy enough to roast hotdogs or a medium-sized steak for your sandwich. Because of the long fork size, you can roast more than one marshmallow at a time, ensuring that you don't lose the marshmallow roasting competition among friends.