Lighted Nail Clipper With Magnifier

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SKU Lighted-Nail-Clipper-With-Magnifier-001


Material: Plastic + metal

2x Magnifying glass gives a clear view of finger and toenails

LED light brightens the trimming area in the dark

Baby nail trimmer

Safe and easy operation

Clean with a dry cloth

A thoughtful gift for old age adults

2 small batteries (CR1220) installed in the clipper

On/off button for LED

What does it feel like to be an old adult?Surely, all the toddlers would have answered this beautifully if they knew how to communicate except using baby language.Being a senior aged is similar to being an infant.How?Most oldies become dependent on their kids as they age for things like food, water, hygiene, and other necessities like a newborn.Yes, you can put a water bottle, snack, and towel beside them, but what about their hygiene? A q-tip for the ear and a clipper for the nail will do, right? No.What if they cut their flesh instead of the nail? Of course, you don't want that!So, remove the ordinary cutter and get this nail clipper with magnifier and light.Give them a clear view of the nails with LED light and 2x magnifying glass. Ensure their safety!What you'll get:Zoomed-in functionality: You can have a clear view of your baby's little finger even in the dark while he sleeps so that you don't mistakenly cut their delicate skin instead of the nail.Safety first clipper for adults: The LED nail cutter with magnifier will allow your older parents, grandparents or other senior citizens in your life to maintain their nail hygiene safely. The magnifying glass will help them look clearly even with their poor eyesight.A thoughtful gift for oldies: They will be happy to get this present from you as it is truly useful and helpful and not anything that's only good to add to their accessory box.Convenient operation: The 2x magnifying glass, LED lights, and comfortable ergonomic design makes this lighted nail clipper the best.Replaceable battery: It has 2 installed batteries to make sure you get to use them for a long time. However, new batteries are simple to install when needed. Simply open the cap opposite the LED buttons and take out the old batteries. Then, insert the new ones and close the lid.