Pizza Cutting Scissors with Detachable Spatula

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SKU Pizza-Cutting-Scissors-with-Detachable-Spatula-001


Material: Stainless steel + PP + TPR handle

Width of spatula: 2.6 inches

Enjoy evenly sliced homemade pizza

Handy kitchen tool

Detachable Spatula

Cuts 1 pizza slice at a time

Available in green and red* Pizza slice is smaller than a commercial-sized slice

\"Ah, those yummy, cheesy, and mouth-watering pizza slices.\"Have you ever heard your kids saying, looking at that weirdly shaped pizza you made at home? Yes? We heard you whispering, \"No.\" Don't be a liar. :pSometimes your base is crispier that it won't let you cut those restaurant slices with a knife, and other times it is just too soft that it breaks in half, leaving distorted rectangle pockets.So, even if your toppings are on point, your cheese is stretchy enough, your pizza slices still don't look professionalNo worries, we can change that gruesome pizza into a fancy restaurant order with our pizza scissors spatula! How?It will let you cut perfect slices every time! The pizza scissors also come in handy for a family pizza party. Your friends and loved ones can help themselves get that even slice without any knife or pizza toppings on their hands with just pizza cutting scissors with spatula. :pWhat you'll get:No large-slice fighting: It cuts equal pizza pieces, so there's no fight among the kids for that large delicious slice. Yes, it will save you from their \"I ate less, you ate more\" bickering.Cut and carry: Take the whole pizza out of the oven and put it straight on the dining table. Cut and serve the slices right there and then.Useful for a non-sliced order: Sometimes, pizza outlets forget to cut your ordered cheesiness in those beautiful slices. Not to worry, take out your pizza scissors spatula and do the honors!Removable spatula: It can be a regular scissor with the removed pizza scoop, so you can put it easily in the kitchen drawer and use it for cutting things other than the cheesy heaven.* Suitable for small and medium-sized pizzas.