Strawberry Huller Tool

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SKU Strawberry-Huller-Tool-001


Material: Stainless Steel + ABS

Press, insert, twist and pull

Safe & quick stem removing tool

Can be used by kids too

Paces up the prep time of strawberry dishes

We know leaves and stem of the strawberries are edible, but will you put them as it is in your seductively appetizing tart or creamy, sweet basil-strawberry shortcakes?Of course, you wouldn’t. You would core it, right. But with what?A knife? The last time we heard, it was dangerous.A straw? It unleashes the sweet juice over the countertop that flies love.A strawberry core remover tool? Yes, a big, fat, overweight YES.And why? Because A, it’s safe; B, it gets the job done in the blinking of an eye; C, you can teach your kids to use it as well; and D, it doesn’t require any effort.What you’ll get:●    Simple operation: Anyone can do it. Press the green plunger down to open up the tongs, insert it in the soft flesh of the strawberry, twist it to create a circle inside the flesh, decompress the tool and pull it out. Voila, you have the stem and leaves of your juicy, succulent fresh strawberry. Pour cooled, buttery chocolate or whipped, bubbly cream Inside the cored strawberries and enjoy.●    Safe to use and teach: The strawberry huller tool is made entirely of ABS other than the tongs, making it extremely safe to use. The edges of the tongs are also not as sharp as the knife and at no point, will they come close to your fingers. You can teach this art of core removing to your young kids as well, so whenever there is an emergency pie or cake preparation task, your kids can do the coring and you can do the mixing and the baking.●    Useful for other food items too: You can use this tool for tomatoes, guavas and persimmon fruit as well.