Tear Free Onion Cutting Goggles

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SKU Tear-Free-Onion-Cutting-Goggles-001


Material: PC

Tear-free onion cutting

Protection against fumes and splashes

Internal sponge lining for comfortable wear

Is your Google and YouTube history full of searches about finding hacks to cut onions without shedding tears?Does this chore feel like watching an emotional movie because you cannot stop crying?If you nodded yes, then we have the perfect product for you. Stop spending on DIY hacks with zero results and get hold of these trendy, cool and result-oriented tear-free onion goggles.With this gadget, eye protection comes hand in hand with practicality in the kitchen. You’ll be able to do the chopping, mincing, cutting, slicing, and dicing of the onions and other spices without having a single tear rolling down your cheek.You won’t ever welcome guests at your house party with tears, irritated or stinging eyes.What you’ll get:Comfortable to wear: The interior of these onion goggles is lined with foam which gives it a comfortable wear. You will not feel weary even if it is worn for a longer duration.Multiple uses: This not only provides protection against tear bombs coming out of onion but also gives protection to your eyes against barbeque grill fumes or other irritations caused by chopping spices. Prevent juices, splashes and intense heat from hurting your eyes by making it a habit to wear these safety goggles every time you cook.Clear vision: Wearing these glasses will not affect your vision. The lenses are made with clear plastic that doesn’t cause any hindrance while you cook.