Waterproof Solder Seal Wire Connectors Kit

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Style 50 PCS Box
SKU  Waterproof-Solder-Seal-Wire-Connectors-Kit-001


Forms waterproof wire joints easily

Prevents wire corrosion

Effective for wire gauge sizes: 10-26

Speedy, cheap, long-lasting & simple operation

Polyolefin exterior

Min melting temperature of solder: 138 degree celcius

Min shrinkage temperature: 80 degree celcius

Free yourself from the hassle of crimping wires! They are time-consuming and expensive. Bring home this Waterproof Solder Wire Connectors Kit and make secure, water-resistant wire connections in an instant. Simply strip both ends of the wire and heat the connector with a heat or torch gun. It works with wire gauges sizes from 10 to 26.

What you will get:

Easy-to-apply permanent joints: You have to be a pro in order to make strong crimp joints but with this kit, even a novice can make high-quality wire connections. Just strip off 1/3 inch of the wire from both ends, insert the connector in the wire and heat it until the joint is formed.Waterproof connections: There are two blue heat-activated adhesives that melt to form an IP67 water-resistant joint which prevents wire corrosion.Handles all wire sizes: This solder butt connectors kit includes heat shrink tubes for wire gauge sizes 10 to 26.Polyolefin exterior: The exterior of the connectors is made of polyolefin which has superb transparency and heat resistance properties.Useful for home and automobiles.Available in different combinations.How to apply:Strip 1/3 inches of wire from both ends.Insert the connector in one of the wire ends.Push together the conducting strands of both ends into each other so that they properly intertwine.Now, bring the solder ring of the waterproof solder wire connector (silver part) on top of the strands and heat it using a heat gun.The blue heat-activated adhesives will shrink first than the solder ring.Continue to rotate the wire so that the heat is evenly distributed.Allow the connection to cool down.